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We provide an extensive list of end-to-end services to Steel Manufacturers across Pakistan

Steel Mill Engineering Projects & Consultations

We provide a wide variety of Engineering & Consultation services to Steel Manufacturers

Our Workshop

Unisons Steel Solutions provides the complete list of necessary workshop services to our customers with high quality equipment with the collaboration with local manufacturers.

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Roll Notching & Branding




Lathe Machining


CNC Machining


Entry Guides


Cooling Pipes & Showers

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Steel Mill Upgrades, Revamping & Green Field Projects.

Contact our experts for Project Consultations to get the most out of your Steel Manufacturing plant.

Induction Furnace, Continuous Casting Machine, Rolling Mill

One of the leading end-to-end Steel Solutions providers in Pakistan

Project Management

Planning, organizing and overseeing the completion of projects.

Project Feasibility

Meticulous analysis and evaluation of projects.

Developing Solutions

Seasoned experts providing the best possible solutions & consultancy.


Custom tailored solutions to enhance efficiency, production & safety.


Complete supply of state-of-the-art equipment.

Inspection & Repairs

Thorough inspection of equipment and cost-effective repair solutions.

Long-term Maintenance

Long-term maintenance services to ensure continuous operation.

Skilled Workers

Supply of highly skilled engineers and seasoned industry experts.

Equipment Design

Custom tailored solutions for most optimal equipment for your Steel Plant.

Our Benefits

Leading innovations in Pakistan's Steel Industry

Unisons Steel Solutions aims to provide state-of-the-art high quality equipment and cost-efficient solutions to our customers.